Vista Healthly Corridor

In 2016 the Urban Land Institute completed an assessment of the Vista Ave. corridor that produced a list of recommendations. One of those recommendations stated residents should take the lead on improving the corridor. From that recommendation, a steering committee was formed in order to create a group of invested organizations to gather residents ideas that included the Vista Neighborhood Association, Depot Bench Neighborhood Association, Vista Bench Business Association , City Councilmen, ACHD Commissioner, Albertson Branch Manager, D.L. Evans Bank Manager, Boise State’s Director of Economic Development, United Way, and Boise School District. The committee has focused their work on creating a healthy and vibrant economic coordinator that is connected to the community and is a gathering place for all neighborhood members. With the goals of:

  1. Vista Avenue is a thriving commercial corridor that promotes positive change, reflects our diverse character and offers opportunity for all
  2. Vista Avenue as a beautiful livable neighborhood gathering place and vibrant business center
  3. Vista Ave is an attractive destination our City can be proud of.
  4. Vista Ave. provides good access to from and around our neighborhood for everyone.

With these goals the group developed three focus area for strategic action. STREETS AND CIRCULATION to make the street safer more comfortable and attractive for pedestrians, bicyclists and people using public transit. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT to improve the appearance and economic vitality of businesses on Vista Ave. CHARACTER, HEALTH, AND CONNECTEDNESS to create an identity for Vista Ave. that builds community, opportunity, and well-being. With these three focus areas, we’ll be able to choose projects that meet our goals. Current Projects:

  • Bus shelters art wrap
  • Active sidewalks along Targee Ave
  • Hawk Beacon Crosswalk Nez Perce and Vista
  • $100,000 artwork grant for Vista Median-submission review at link below*
  • First Friday Business Events Stay tuned for more updates and ways to get engaged on our website. * /blog/2017/07/20/vista-avenue-median -public-art-proposals/


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  1. Seems like Vista Ave caters to ,thru traffic, residential life and commercial businesses alike. Boise city police either don’t or can’t enforce the rules of the road to make the street safer and more comfortable for us property owners. Maybe that is were the focus should be directed !? I am new to the Vista neighborhood but don’t remember hearing any views from any steering committee on the F35’s? at Gowen.

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