US Air Force F-35 Fighter Jet at Gowen Field

The Idaho Air National Guard, located at Gowen Field on the south side of the airport, currently flies the A-10 aircraft. This mission is Gowen Field’s ninth flying mission since it was created in the 1940s right after World War II.  At some point, the Air Force intends to retire the A-10 aircraft. Gowen Field is presently one of five finalists being considered for an operational F-35 mission. By the end of August 2017, the Air Force will select 2 preferred and 2 alternate locations for 18 to 24 F-35s beginning 2021-2022. Before any final decisions are made an EIS study must be conducted.

In order to learn about this proposal the Vista Neighborhood Association has taken steps to acquire information and make an informed determination. Below are resources that our board has used to take a stance against locating the F-35 at Gowen field our full statement can be read here.

Documents provided by the Idaho Air National Guard on 3/11/17

Citizens for Livable Boise Website (opposition)

Panel discussion held on 4/27/17

Note only IDANG and City of Boise declined to attend a week before the panel.

Panel members included:

  • Kevin Cahill Ph.D – Economic perspective
  • John Glerum – Citizens for Livable Boise
  • Katie Fitle – Wildlands perspective
  • Montie Mericle – Citizens for Livable Boise – Noise impact
  • Gwynne McElhinney – Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

Questions Submitted by residents

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