September 2017

Offical minutes were not taken. A quorum was not formed.

New Business

  • 501c3 status
    • Should we reinstate?
  • Newsletter circulation by district
  • Budget Proposal
    • Dave is going to get signs made for yard signs
  • Bylaw update for merger.
  • Rake up Boise Competition with Depot Bench
  • Events
    • Garden grand opening Oct 17th
    • Boise city council candidates forum Oct. 4th
    • Oct 14th Boise interactive
  • Reinvestment grants- capital improvements
    • Shoshone park improvements eg basketball hoop, frisbee course, volleyball
    • Sunrise street signs
  • Committee Report outs:
    • Treasury/Funding (Diane)
      • Account balance
    • Communications (Rose, Henry and Diane)
      • Website update (Rose)
    • Housing (Dave, Jered)
      • Simonich property update (Dave)
    • Transportation
      • Vista Ave. Healthy Corridor


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