November 2017



Whitney Community Center – Nov. 2nd, 2017

In attendance: President– Mike Stefancic, Vice-President- Diane Winn, Jerad Johnson, Rose Dawson, John Sieloff, Dave Pena-representative from Sunrise Rim


Not Present:  Sue Pasini, Dave Kangas, John Sielaff and Henry Wiebe


Meeting brought into session at 7:06pm

  • No meeting minutes to approve. This meeting was a make up due to Halloween conflicts.
  • Voted in new bylaws that include Sunrise Rim (5-0)PASS
  • Voted to elect Dave Pena as new representative of Sunrise Rim now District 12. (5-0)PASS
  • Budget approved (6-0) PASS
  • 501c3 status voted to reinstate (6-0)PASS
  • Placemaking committee report out
    • Submit for Capital Grant Traffic box wraps – Marsha Philbrook is taking the lead.
  • Noise complaints at Diocese from Animal Sanctuary submitted. Mike is following up with Diocese to see what steps have been taken.
  • Newsletter circulation by district. We got out 1,000 newsletters.
  • Rake up Boise Competition with Depot Bench Nov 11th 9am meet at community center
  • Reinvestment grants- capital improvements- Melanie PTO would like to request new playground equipment. We also brainstormed this list of possibilities
    • Shoshone park improvements eg basketball hoop, frisbee course, volleyball
    • Traffic box wraps –
    • Bike repair stands
    • Sunrise street signs
    • Fenced Dog Park
    • Garbage can
    • Playground Equipment have $5K
    • 2018 Mini-GrantsNovember 15 , 2017 is the last day to submit Zoomgrants applications for 2018 mini-grants.  These funds will reimburse NAs for expenditures December 1, 2017 – September 15, 2018, once your allocated 2017 funds are expended.  2018 funding is limited to no more than $1500 as the funds cover 10 months and most NAs have 2017 funds remaining.
      • Mike will submit for this coming year
    • 2019 Mini-GrantsJanuary 31, 2018 is the last day to submit applications for 2019 mini-grants.  NAs may request up to $2000 for the 2019 cycle.  2019 funds will be available on October 1, 2018.
      • Meeting Nov. 18th to work on grants.
  • Next meeting Jan 25th Annual meeting and elections.

Meeting Closed at 8:35pm

Submitted: Mike Stefancic- President

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