May 2017


Whitney Community Center – May 25, 2017


President Mike Stefancic called the regular meeting to order at 7:06 p.m    Present were following Board members:  

President– Mike Stefancic

Secretary – Sue Pisani

Jerrod Johnson

Rose Dawson

Julie Hulvey


Not Present:  Vice President – Diane Sielaff-Winn, Treasurer, Dave Kangas, John Sielaff and Henry Wiebe


Introductions by all, including Lynn, the President of the Morris-Hill Neighborhood Association and Ann Herrington, their Secretary-Treasurer.  Also present was David Mostro from the City of Boise, Planning & Development Department.  Our other guest was Dave Pena, representing Sunrise Rim Neighborhood Association.  The minutes from the April 27 and May 3 meetings were not yet available for review.  The agenda for this meeting was approved.


Rose reported that the tape of the panel discussing failed and the video is too large.  Questions are up on our website—  The VNA drafted a statement on our posture on this issue (done by Henry).  Unfortunately, several of us didn’t sign it in time to be published as we didn’t realize there was a time limit on gathering signatures.  We do need a copy of the statement, but when we receive an official copy it will be posted on our site. It was also recommended it be sent to our congressional delegation, the City of Boise and Citizens for Livable Boise.  


Additionally, it was recommended that copies be sent to the Idaho Statesman, Boise Guardian, Boise Weekly, the Meridian newspapers and other neighborhood associations in Boise.  

By-Law Amendment:

In order to pursue amending the Bylaws, certain information is required from the Secretary of State’s office, such as the number of days notice required for Annual Meeting, Special Meetings, methods of communicating to membership, etc.  Sue volunteered to contact the Secretary of State’s office for any relevant information we might need.

Fire Station 8 Welcome

Mike, John, and Sue visited the Station during their Open House and presented them with an overflowing basket of Hickory Farms sausages and cheeses, crackers, cookies, nuts, pepperoni, etc., as well as a welcome to the neighborhood card, and a very special plaque handmade by John Sielaff.  It was a wood plaque, carved and colored with our neighborhood logo.  Also included was a stuffed dog, hand decorated to resemble the legendary fire dog, the Dalmatian.  The new fire station is an architectural gem and also hosts an on site paramedic.  Residents were encouraged to visit the station at any reasonable tame.  

Sunrise Rim Neighborhood Association

The SRNA was invited to discuss the possible inclusion of their neighborhood into the VNA.  Their boundaries are Broadway  (west) to Owyhee (east)on both sides of Vista (south/north) and New York Irrigation Canal.  It stops by the Vet’s office (???).The neighborhood contains approximately 200 homes.  They also include the businesses along Vista.  Their annual meeting is in November.  To further consider adoption, we will require an official letter from Sunrise to Vista.  Our Board would then vote to proceed further.  We would need to review their bylaws to expand and adopt.  No schools are within their boundaries.   Zoning is A1 – RIC to RIM.  Sue Pisani made a motion to move forward.  Jerrod seconded.  Motion approved.  We would welcome a letter from Sunrise Rim.  Sue also made a motion that we make no changes to our bylaws until we make a decision on Sunrise Rim.  Motion approved.    

Community Events

The Vista Bench Business Association’s Street Fair on June 2 is proceeding and the decision to make a donation was revisited.  Sue made a motion to donate $200 towards portable toilets.  Mike will also man a Vista VNA table at this event.  

The City is holding a meeting on June 7 to discuss policing policies as well as Code Enforcement.  

There is a change in the zoning ordinance which will allow more parking spaces for duplexes.   

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.  

The Board then went into an Executive Meeting to discuss a Board personnel issue.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Pisani, Secretary


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