March 2017


Whitney Community Center – March 23, 2017


President Mike Stefancic called the regular meeting to order at 7:02 p.m    Present were following Board members:  

President– Mike Stefancic

Vice President – Diane Sielaff-Winn

Secretary – Sue Pisani

Jerrod Johnson

John Sielaff

Rose Dawson

Heinrich (Henry) Wiebe

Julie Hulvey


Not Present:  Treasurer, Dave Kangas

Introductions by all, including two resident guests:  Ken Pidjeon and Ed Works.  President briefly reviewed the Annual Meeting, as minutes are not available.

Fiduciary Responsibilities:  

The Board discussed various fiduciary responsibilities required of new officers.  Three people will be signatories on the bank account:  Mike Stefancic, Diane Sielaff-Winn and Dave Kangas.  This still needs to be finalized with D. L. Evans Bank.   It is believed we have a balance of $624.00.  We have a bill of $275.00  due by March 31.  H. Wiebe stressed the importance of being transparent in all actions.  No Board member present has viewed a bank statement.  We also have a mini grant from the City in the amount of $4,000–$2,000 for 2017 and another $2,000 from 2016.  This grant is for miscellaneous items, such as printing and other miscellaneous expenditures.  City grants are handled by reimbursement from the City for any expenditures covered by the grant.

  1. Stefancic has queried D. Kangas several times about tax filing information..  Taxes must be submitted by April 18, unless we file for an extension.  He has not responded to date.  Henry made a motion to establish a date of April 7 for Dave to provide the information to Mike.  Julie Hulvey seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.  The April 7 date will allow the Board time to take necessary action if need be to ensure taxes are completed and filed on time.

Post Office Box – After considerable discussion, it was decided to table the decision of procuring a P. O. Box until the next meeting.  Sue advised she would check out the cost at the UPS Store.  Post Office cost would be $76 per month.   Diane advised they had access to a no-cost service through the Sielaff Law Office. No Saturday pick-up would be available at this location. Vista UPS STORE Small Mail Box: Setup of $10- $15. $13mo ($156 per year) if paid 12 months in advance.  If we opt for advance payment, they will give us three months free.   Questions can be directed to: or 345-2042

  1. Pisani advised the Board they might want to change the current Registered Agent from Dave K. to Mike.   Motion above was amended to update Registered Agent.  Mike will serve as Registered Agent for the corporation.  Sue made a motion to use Mike’s home address for Registered Agent.  Diane S. seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

By-Law Amendment:

In order to pursue amending the Bylaws, certain criteria is believed to be required from the Secretary of State’s office, such as number of days notice required for Annual Meeting, Special Meetings, methods of communicating to membership, etc.  Sue volunteered to contact the Secretary of State’s office for any relevant information we might need.


All Board members and residents in attendance were encouraged to be on committees.  It is anticipated that Energize will be leaving the Vista Neighborhood this coming summer.  Discussion ensued about continuance and possible resurrection of some of the Energize committees.  Sue P. made a motion to add to the monthly agenda time for individual committee activity and/or decision updates to be reported out to the body at large.  Seconded by: Diane and     Motion carried.

Discussion ensued about a formal welcome to the Fire Department when they officially relocate to the Vista Neighborhood.  All agreed we should acknowledge and welcome them.  Diane and Sue will collaborate on a proposal.  Julie H. made a motion to allow up to $25.00 to spend for this purpose.  Diane S. seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  It is likely a presentation by the VNA to the Fire Department would be made at an Open House hosted by the Fire Department when they relocate.   This will be the first undertaking of the new Event Committee (committee members would likely change depending upon the event.)

Discussion followed about other possible committees, such as Treasury/Funding (source funding, etc.  Henry asked Board members for elaboration on potential and current funding sources.  Board members were encouraged to offer future funding sources.  

The Communications goal is to improve transparency, share ideas and documents, and make the process more accessible.   The Board was encouraged to categorize emails.  Communications Committee reported they had a meeting between Rose, Henry and Diane and shared information about themselves and information they should start collecting.  They deem it important to retain the website.

Rose reported that as of this point, she has not made changes to the website. She has completed a content inventory, gathered feedback on content organization and labels, and proposed a navigational structure. Changes to the website will begin in April. No changes have been made to the facebook group because she did not know who has access. Board members advised they felt Kim Bentley or Julie Hulvey can access the facebook group.   Rose also suggested establishing an email list management platform such as mailchimp to consolidate community outreach via email.  This would be part of the Communicants Committee.


Reports on the Simunich property and Flipping houses could not be provided in detail due to Dave K.’s absence.    Mike did provide a summary on the ADU (Additional Dwellings Unit) application for 2326 S. Pacific.  This property is owned by Property Management Company and currently hosts a rental house in a deteriorated condition.  The proposal would allow the owner to add a new second house behind the current one to also be used as additional rental income.    No City hearing was listed on the available information.  File number is CDA 700052.  Henry W. Will follow up on this.  Forty percent (40%) of properties around this proposal are currently rentals. Board members were encouraged to drive by and assess the property for themselves.  There was discussion about the high percentage of rentals in the neighborhood.  Sue P. advised the Board that according to Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, when a neighborhood approaches the 50/50 ratio (50% homeownership and 50% rental), it is deemed a neighborhood in crisis.   We are currently at 48 or 49% rental.


Ken Pidjeon advised that the last meeting of the Energize Public Safety & Transportation committee focused on safety.  The Traffic counts will be presented next month at the Safety meeting for primary streets.  Traffic counters are in place at various places. The Vista Corridor Project group provided a brief summary about the recent Vista corridor project meeting that involved local businesses, residents and City officials.  The Committee discussed the vision and the next steps for the Committee as well as voting on what areas to focus on.

Bike Bonanza is on Earth Day (April 22) and begins at 9 a.m.  All were invited to join in and “hang out with the kids.”

No update on removal of the bus shelter at Whitney School.

Crossing link – ACHD is proposing to put a pedestrian signal at Nez Perce and Vista.  The former proposed site of Spaulding and Vista has been rejected as the property owner would not provide permission.  And, it makes sense to put it near a bus stop.    

Julie H. reported that ACHD will send out a representative to assess feasibility of any small project you submit for improvement.  She encouraged members to get their requests submitted to ACHD.  Note:  Suggest contacting Julie if you want the correct ACHD contact as well as ascertain the project size they will accept.


Due to the lateness of the meeting, this was tabled until next month’s meeting.  The possibility of a stand-alone meeting for this subject was discussed.


Sue P. acquainted the Board and residents with an annual project that was done prior to Dave K.’s presidency.  It is called a Windshield Survey and consists of 7-8 teams of two people each.  Each team drives a designated portion of the neighborhood (not their own area) and documents Problem Properties, Non-running Autos, and Zoning Violations and other observations.  This accomplishes several goals:  1)  Familiarize  Board members and residents with areas of the neighborhood they are not familiar with; 2)  Take an annual inventory of the neighborhood’s health; and 3)  Assist in establishing which properties require future action.   This will be discussed further at the next meeting to see if there is any Board interest in pursuing.

  1. Pisani made a motion for adjournment, which was seconded by H. Weber and passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Pisani, Secretary

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