June 2017


Whitney Community Center – June 22, 2017


President Mike Stefancic called the regular meeting to order at 7:01 p.m    Present were following Board members:  

President– Mike Stefancic

Vice President – Diane Sielaff-Winn

Secretary – Sue Pisani

Rose Dawson

Julie Hulvey


Not Present:  Jerrod Johnson, Dave Kangas, John Sielaff and Henry Wiebe


The approval of the Board minutes for:  April 27, May 3, May 25 was passed unanimously upon motion by Diane and seconded by Rose.  Sue made a motion to approve this meeting’s proposed agenda; Diane seconded and motion passed.  

Introductions by all, Board members and guests, followed

Completed Events

Mike reported that the Vista Bench Business Association was successful.  The VNA donated two portable toilets, but only one was utilized.   The June 7 meeting between the Police Department, the Code Enforcement Department and some members of the VNA neighborhood was held.  This meeting was in response to neighbors contacting the City to address problems they perceive in their immediate area which did not seem to be adequately addressed.  Officer Knudsen is the suggested contact point with the police department for neighborhood watch issues. The BPD supports reporting suspicious activities because they help build patterns that might warrant investigation..


June 22, 2017


Vista Neighborhood and Sunrise Rim Neighborhood Associations Merger

Dave Pena from Sunrise Rim NA was welcomed back and he will be the contact person from Sunrise as we move through this process of joining our two associations.  A joint meeting between the two neighborhoods would be held at the end of August.  

Questions about Vista NA were answered by several VNA Board members.  Sunrise Rim indicated they had approximately $1,000 in their bank account and asked if they would need to give it to Vista.  The VNA Board members present advised they should keep these funds for their area.  Mike will have more information from Kathleen Lacey at the City and will pass on the information both entities need to accomplish before the merger will be official.   

Women’s and Children’s Alliance

Mike introduced Tracy Darling of WCA, She explained they are working in cooperation with the City of Boise and other groups who oppose violence. They have been doing a lot of work at South Junior High—work very important in violence prevention.  They want to widen their scope to look at the culture we live in that allows violence to occur.  They are working toward collective efforts to create feelings of solidarity, which decrease crime.  They are holding workshops and trying to develop some tools to help bring neighborhood and the greater community together by building connections.    

Other workshops they hope to present include:  1) Breaking the Cycle; 2) Students and Young People; 3) How Domestic Violence Affects the Workplace; 4) Monthly workshops for Parents; and 5) Having a Healthy Relationship in Elementary, Junior High and High School.

Upcoming Events

Mike reviewed the upcoming events:

Mosquito Abatement – Flooding of the Boise River has created standing water, the flooding has triggered a state of emergency, and corresponding funding for the abatement program.  While most pesticide application will be focused on the areas surrounding the Boise River, Ada county is monitored and sprayed as perceived necessary. Notice is not given to residents in advance of abatement. Residents who want the abatement service do not need to take any action. Residents who do not wish to have their place sprayed may opt out of the fogging and standing water treatments. It is not possible to opt out of aerial spraying. Opting out of mosquito abatement is a yearly process of filling a form and attaching a plan to reduce mosquito problems at a personal and property level. Opt out forms can be foud here: https://adacounty.id.gov/Mosquito-Abatement/No-Spray-Request

Committee Reports


Kangas has stepped down as Treasurer, and Diane will be taking over. Note:  we will need to amend the Bylaws to add her as an additional source for assuming the Treasurer duties.  Our checking  account balance is approximately $200.  We will also have a bill from the accountant for the filings we missed in 2010 through 2015, plus a new tax return filling for 2016.    The good news is that we have had minimal income to report.  The bad news is that when you don’t file, you get penalties, estimated at $240 per penalty per year (or a total estimated penalty for 6 years of $1,440).  Allan from Sielaff says the cost will be about $200 per past-due return to prepare.  He will need a retainer of $1,000 to begin.  Sue made a motion to provide A. Sielaff with a check for $1,200, Julie seconded and motion passed unanimously.  It is estimated our total outlay for reinstating our standing with the IRS and regaining our 501(c)3 status will be approximately $2,640  ($1,200 preparation and $1,440 penalties).   Note:  Reinstatement with the Idaho Secretary of State was accomplished in March and Change of Agent from D. Kangas to Mike was submitted in May.  


Rose reported that she has uploaded minutes to our site.  She also reported that the Idaho Outdoor Association (in Sunrise Rim) is a good place to hold meetings.  Earlier in the meeting, Rose shared her proposed VNA business card with the Board members.  All agreed the card represented our neighborhood well and were very nicely done.  Mike requested the slogan “Gateway to Boise” be added or our logo.  

Mike and Board members agreed that newsletter articles should be ready by 7/31.  

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.  


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Pisani, Secretary


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