January 2017

annual meeting meeting update for 2/23- elections.

  1. Elections
    • Four folks stepping down.
    • Diane winn and Mike Stefancic are interested in president and vice
    • Studied traffic counts
      • Quarterly event
  2. Boise School Bond presentation by Boise School District – no show
  3. Energize Committee updates
    • Transportation
    • New apartments near post office
      • Does not require a traffic light – submitted in 5 year plan to include one
      • Talk to project managers to have them come to meetings to explain projects.
      • Health and community
  4. Simmunich Property update
  5. New bank building on Vista and Canal discussion
  6. New business ??
    • ¬†Airport
    • F-35
      • This is an election year, invite reps city council, district rep.
  • New email address for business
  • Bus Shelter

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