February 2017


Feb. 23rd, 2017

7pm Whitney Community Center


  • Introductions- Board members- Dave, Jared, Diane, John, Julie, Kim
  • Balance/expenses
    • ~672

  • presentation from Yes for Boise Schools on the upcoming Bond.
    • 22 capital projects for schools that need building improvements
    • Gym and music spaces
    • Expansion of critical job training
    • 6 new schools on current sites
    • New school in harris ranch – phase 2
    • https://yesforboiseschools.com/f-a-q/
    • What will have happen with the levy rate from 2012?

  • Update on various
    • Art work
      • What happens if someone hits it?
      • Informational
    • Energize Projects
    • Bike bonanza bike register
    • Vista committees

  • Open discussion
    • Bus shelter –

  • What happens with the committees with from EON?
    • Should we adopt those sub committees

  • Board Elections: there will 4 vacant seats on board, to be filled. Dave Kangas, Kim Bentley will be running as incumbents with 2 vacant seats.
    • New members
    • Rose Dawson
    • Henry Wiebe


New business

Bi-laws – notifications for annual meeting change – Check with 501c3

New p.o.box


Sminnich property

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