April 2017


Whitney School Gymnasium – April 27, 2017


President Mike Stefancic called the regular meeting to order at 7:04 p.m    Present were following Board members:  

President– Mike Stefancic

Secretary – Sue Pisani

Treasurer, Dave Kangas

Rose Dawson

Julie Hulvey


Not Present:  Vice President – Diane Sielaff-Winn, Jerrod Johnson

John Sielaff, and Heinrich (Henry) Wiebe


Introductions by all, including Guest Kristin Muchow, who is a candidate for the Greater Boise Auditorium District.  Elections is May 16.  Kristen gave an overview of her experience and employment, as well as her reasons for running for GBAD  and her specific interest in serving on the Board  President briefly reviewed the . March 23 Minutes, which were approved as corrected.  .

Windshield Survey  

Sue Pisani provided an overview of the Windshield Survey effort and briefly, it is an opportunity for the Board and other interested parties to take an inventory of the health of the neighborhood, identifying problem spots and attempting to rectify


Treasurer’s Report

Dave reported we have $338 in our account.  There are two expenditures to be reimbursed:  Internet – $275.00 and Secretary of State – $20.  We expect to receive $8,100.00 more as a grant from the City of Boise to wrap three traffic boxes.  Most of them are located on Vista Avenue   We also have a $30,000 grant from the City of Boise for landscaping the field at Hawthorn School with xeriscape and native plants on the path at Hawthorne.



The website is still in process and Rose would welcome input. Our site is www.vistana.org  



Dave reported that the Siminich property is estimated to have 480 (low estimate) homes.  There will probably be a lot of single-family, and higher density housing.


The third bi-annual Bike Bonanza, held on April 27, fixed about 20 bikes and then went on a community ride.  This is held in the spring and fall.  Boise Bike Project and several BSU students assisted in the repairs to bikes.  Additionally, Mike reported that Hawthorne Earth Day was a big success.  Mike also reported that the Vista Bench Business Association is planning a Street Fair event on June 2    They  hope to get people to visit their establishments.  Currently, they are planning on having food trucks available.  There are no updates on removal of the bus shelter at Whitney School.

F-35 Panel   

The regular Board meeting was adjourned and Mike introduced the panel members :  Citizens for Livable Boise (CLB) – John Glerum, Economics – K. Cahill, Wildlands/Wildlife – K. Fitle, Air Pollution – K. Seigart, Childrens Health and Hearing – McElhinney.  It was noted by Mike that the City of Boise and the Air National Gaurd were also invited to participate and declined, advising they do not debate the issue.   Each panel member was given five minutes to make his/her  case.  Upon conclusion of their presentations, cards were passed out to the audience (estimated at between 70 – 80 people) and they were invited to submit their questions to the panel members.  The panel then addressed as many inquiries as time allowed.  Questions and answers will be recapped and made available to the neighborhood.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Pisani


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